On the importance of brands and their true purpose.

It’s obvious and yet I never thought of it

" The Victoria’s Secret models are chosen based on their appeal to women, not men" Saw this phrase @GoogleFacts on Twitter.

I actually never thought of this, but I was still kind of shocked I hadn’t thought of before, it seems so obvious.

Whatever men think of the models, and maybe even the lingerie this legendary brand produces, I doubt that any of their sales, bar the odd set bought as a gift for the wife/girlfriend, are motivated by any male thoughts.

Interestingly enough, although not the least bit funny for me (me being a man), the reverse is probably still much more motivated by the opinion of the woman in the couple. 

This is to join the colour of the sofa, car and curtains on the list of things men have absolutely no power in choosing. Oh well, at least we can choose the colour of our toothbrush ( If we’re lucky).

His story was already incredible before, but now Intel just put everyone in tears with this. I read a few news about his amazing test, and I saw another few dozens come up on the web. 
This Ad, though…this is two minutes of memorable story-telling. This isn’t a newspaper cover. This is the kind of stuff that goes around the world several times and makes people ask you for a photo on the streets everyday.

Ok guys: Anyone who doesn’t think this is absolutely genius is either blind, dead or a complete moron without the slightest bit of humor.

Mercedes recently launched this Ad to promote a new stability system that improves the ride and comfort. There were many ways to do this, but this one has got to be the best one, by far.

That phrase right there was just dumb. I’m betting some firing went on that day at EasyJet. 

And talk about choosing your opponents poorly!! A University Law professor who specializes in Cyber Law?!! Really?! I honestly don’t know if I feel embarrassed about this (even though I’m not even slightly related to it) or if I find it hilarious.

As a last note, Cyber Law specialist is a super cool tittle. 

Why Lotus F1 Team’s Twitter is made of Win

Last Sunday was GP day at Singapore for F1. As far as I could tell, everyone was quite bored with the race itself. Until the last laps, and what happened afterwards.

Singapore is one of the favourite GP’s of the season for everyone, mostly because it’s the only night race of the year. The wonderful Singapore puts on a real show, with lights that almost shame the Sun itself, with a display of the ever surprising architectural choices of the Millionaire Asia and topping it all with fireworks at the checkered flag.

I won’t bore you with details, but race wise, the show wasn’t the best, until the last laps, when finally some exciting events took place. 

How Twitter changed TV

Today was another Formula 1 Sunday, this time at Monza for the Italian GP. Has usual on F1 Sunday, I got up late, sat in front of the TV and ate a pizza for lunch, watching the race. I do this every race.  It’s an old ritual of mine. However, since I’ve bought my iPad Mini, things have changed a little.

Twitter revolutionized TV and Sports Events.

McDonald’s, you’ve done it again. When it comes their food, the only things I can find myself eating is the Wraps, but when it comes to Communication and Marketing, there’s rarely something I don’t love.

This time they invite the ever so polite Canadians to write a story in 140 characters featuring their food as the main characters. The best will be made into a super short feature film, and probably viewed a gazzillion times on the Internet, and possibly on TV as well.

This is a bang on Involvement Generator move from McDonald’s, and in good timing as well. An idea like this is one of those that just seem natural and obvious when you see it done, because it is so great, simple and genuine. It seems obvious, but it’s not. Otherwise, the idea would have been been done several times already.

One of the objectives for the campaign is to generate more activity on Twitter, with it being one of the channels for pitching the plots to the company, through #MakeMyFilm, along with 140characterfilms.ca A good move, since Twitter usually only provides very short boosts of activity,  time-wise. I believe this hashtag will be active and popular for quite some time 

The Canadian Golden Arches have had it’s highs and lows over time when it comes to Ads, but this campaign is a certain win. As the Head of Twitter Canada, Kirstine Stewart points out, McDonald’s is calling out all future MadMen/Women for the campaign, and I’m sure thousands of people worldwide will give their try at the best plot they can create.

Folks over at DDB Canada sure earned their money with this one.

This is how you do it!

Great, great Ad by the folks at David in Buenos Aires. It’s easy to understand, relatable, heart-warming and terrificly well executed.

Can you argue any of it? Sure, schedules are tight and you have a load of work on your desk, but make an effort. It’s not that hard to use stairs instead of escalators, and a bit of voluntary exercise is good for you, along with a relaxed evening with a proper meal. What’s more, the odd Coke won’t ruin your happy moments or your life in any way.

I love the copy on this Ad, too: move more, eat well, take it easy.

short and sweet, direct, flawless.

The Seattle Police is already famous for their humorous Twitter account, which does the job in a friendly way that seems less controlling, and therefore is more easily accepted by the public.

Once again, they had a message to pass and a mission to accomplish. With the Hempfest coming up, public safety was on the line. Thousands of legally high citizens driving and partying around town could be a potential disaster for the city.

The answer, apparently, was in a bag of Doritos. The snacks were accompanied by a short Do’s and Don’ts List. they kept it short and sweet, and kept the message direct and friendly, so people would take it and respect it. 

Don’t give or sell drugs to minors. Don’t drive high. listen to Dark Side of the Moon. Enjoy Hempfest. Neat, huh? Reminds me of the Super Simple Stuff campaign by Queensland Rail (which the Internet so expertly and hilariously took a hold of).

I believe this way of doing things is more advantageous in non-violent situations like this. People are just trying to live their lives peacefully and everyone enjoys their days better if the mood is good. Giving out Doritos shows the public that the Police are worried and watching, but at the same time it shows that they are backing off and letting people be.

Good Thinking, Seattle Police.

(I can’t imagine Doritos being mad about this either. They probably even had a nice little deal)